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Our After School Aikido Program (ASAP) is filled with exciting, educational after school activities for your child. In addition to the health benefits of movement through Aikido, we encourage creativity and mental growth with related activities including Japanese language and various arts and crafts. Your child’s educational experience includes a healthy snack and homework time to instill good study habits for a better future ASAP.

The training we provide here during ASAP goes beyond the physical and mental, we also heavily invest in the character development of our students.  We expect that the respect we require from our ASAP students will be observed in the classroom and at home.  We teach the ASAP students 7 pillars of bushido.  Bushido is the "Way of the Warrior" and is the Japanese samurai code of conduct.

Pillar Number 1, Rei – Courtesy

Pillar Number 2, Chugo – Loyalty

Pillar Number 3, Jin – Compassion

Pillar Number 4, Yu – Bravery

Pillar Number 5, Melyo – Honor

Pillar Number 6, Gi – Right Attitude

Pillar Number 7, Makoto – Sincerity