The focus of our After-School-Aikido-Program (ASAP) is the dynamic martial art of Aikido.  Unlike other martial arts, which may stress the use of strength and superior force, Aikido is unique in that each child will learn to use the energy of an attacker against that attacker to thwart the attack.  Students will learn safe but highly effective throwing, pinning, and joint control techniques.  Our After-School-Aikido-Program strives to provide a safe, fun, and supportive atmosphere in which the student will learn to apply the lessons of respect, focus, and discipline to life inside the dojo, in the classroom, and at home.


Supervised Homework Time  3:15PM – 4:00PM

We endeavor to provide a quiet environment for our students during Supervised Homework Time.  We have a number of Teachers who work during Supervised Homework Time” to not only make sure our students get a healthy snack, but to also answer questions they may have about their homework.  The Teachers try to challenge our students to think for themselves when completing homework assignments and give attention to every student who has a question.


Homework Overflow  4:00PM – 6:30PM

The Homework Overflow Room opens at 4:00PM and remains open until 6:30PM for any student who needs additional time to complete their homework.  We have several teachers who work to give pre-tests and to answer students’ questions; however, with more than 80 students in the After-School-Aikido-Program, the teachers do not have time to check every problem of every student.  Their focus is on providing a quiet environment in which the students can complete their homework.  After which, we do expect that parents are going to go over their children’s work at home.


Scientific Discovery

Part of developing well-rounded physically and mentally fit students here at Roswell Budokan is a fun and challenging hands-on Scientific Discovery Program.  Our Scientific Discovery teacher presents a full spectrum of physical, chemical, biological, and engineering sciences during Scientific Discovery.  The students have so much fun, they don’t realize they are learning science!



Our Leadership instructor starts with the premise that leaders are rarely born, they are mostly made.  The objective is to stimulate leadership qualities in every student, to help them realize their potential, and guide them to meet the challenges of the real world.  The two primary themes of the Leadership class focus on the premises that being a leader is not just about authority; it is about understanding people, assisting them, and getting the best out of them.  The second theme is based on the rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.


Team Building

Team Building requires ASAP students to work together in teams to complete interactive challenges.  The teams vary from week to week and the students have learned that a cohesive group is much more likely to work toward a common goal.  To be successful takes a lot of cooperation and good communication skills.  ultimately, our kiddos discover the value of trust, respect, perseverance, and sportsmanship…when they work together, they all succeed – everyone is a winner – and everyone has a vital role to play.


Japanese Language

Our ASAP students learn Japanese Language in a fun, interactive, immersion style environment taught by our 20 year teaching veteran, Sachiko Sensei.  She makes learning Japanese an engaging challenge and often times experiential by bringing the tastes of Japan to her class!  “Oy Shee!”


Arts & Crafts

We have many artistically talented students in the After-School-Aikido-Program and we appreciate giving them the opportunity to explore their creativity.  Sometimes Teacher directed and other times self-directed by our students, we are continuously impressed with the caliber of art produced during the Arts & Crafts time here at Roswell Budokan.


Boot Camp

Boot Camp teaches ASAP students physically challenging exercises that develop strength, balance, and coordination.  The exercises are designed to use both sides of the brain and body, to add agility in Aikido and to help children focus in the classroom.  In addition to putting forth their best efforts, the students are expected to encourage and support each other.


Cooperative Engineering

Cooperative Engineeringteaches our ASAP students to work together to construct an assigned structure, within a limited amount of time.  Each team must also choose a spokesperson to describe the decision-making process.