We were fortunate to have Lynn Seiser, Ph.D., as one of our instructors at Roswell Budokan for eight years before he moved to Largo, Florida in 2014.  Lynn Sensei is also an author.

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Always Re-finding

The Dance


Courage, Compassion, and Class
  Everyday: A New Day Extend From There Jiyu-Waza The Gift New Year, New Day, Everyday
B: Blending, Balance, and Bull


Receiving and Giving Gifts


Big Mind, Small Technique

AikiSolutions: Blending with Negative Emotions and Thoughts Domo What Aikido is Not (IMHO)
A: Awareness, Ability, and Assertiveness

Mindful Modeling and Mentoring


Zanshin To Reach a Destination, Enjoy the Journey Why is Easy So Hard to Learn?
Why is Easy So Hard to Learn? Circles, Spirals, and Spheres Communication Creating Internal Resources Let Them Fall Circles, Spheres, and Spirals: Thinking in Circles Without Getting Dizzy
Identity: Yet Another Internal Strength (or weekness) Oh Yea Uh After Training… Friends Motivational Strategies Changes Discipline
The Box Principle, Practical, and Practice Feel the Finesse Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning The Challenge Identity: Yet Another Internal Strength (or weakness)
Knowing Sleight of Hand, Sleight of Mind Personal Space

Apples and Oranges 2: Imitation and Understanding

Inclusion Aiki-Grant Writing I
Everyday: A new Day Yet

Lead with the Head

New Year's Resolutions and Training Goals Finding Expression
Aiki-Grant Writing II: Enter, Blend, and Be One with Grant Writing
Understanding Aikdio Sheepdogs Don't Create What You Don't Want The Elusive Aiki The Discipline of Loving Protection Aikido With an Attitude: The Other Intenal Strength (or Weakness)
Shugyo: Mindfully Train Victims and Predators Always Aiming Aiki-Ethics Cut Like a Sword  
  Belonging Aiki Biz Accountable and Responsible One Continuous Motion  
  Mindful Practice RIP: Musubi and Zanshin Cross-Training Empty from Below. Connect, Load, and Move the Hip  
  The Journey Continues Aiki-Write Levels of Application Capture the Spine  
  Everyday Holiday

Aiki-Write II

Mental Training: Mental Rehearsal Irimi: Entering = Initiate and Intercept  



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