Judo was invented by a man named Professor Jigoro Kano (ka’no) in the late 1800s (1882). As a boy, Prof. Kano was sickly, and his parents sent him to study with Jujitsu masters to make him stronger. Prof. Kano became an expert in this style of fighting. However, as an adult and educator, he wanted to develop a less dangerous sport that could be taught to schoolchildren. Prof. Kano called this new martial art “ Judo(Kodokan Judo) ”, which means “ the gentle or flexible way”.

Prof. Kano borrowed many moves from jujitsu for his new sport, but he left out the chops and strikes that could seriously harm someone. No hitting, striking, or kicking was allowed. Judo encouraged a flexible form of fighting. This flexibility has been compared to that of a willow branch heavy with snow. Because the branch bends, it saves itself from breaking under the snow’s weight. Yet the branch is not weak. A Judo expert learns to use the force of an attacker against the attacker: to bend with that force, rather than being broken by it.

Miki Judo Club

This club was established by Sensei Tommy (Tsutomu) Miki in 1993. Mr. Miki, chief instructor is 5th degree black belt in Judo with more than 50 years of martial arts experience.  He is Japanese and was born in Osaka.  He learned Judo in Tokyo.

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6:30-8:00 PM


Sunday & Friday

6:00-7:30 PM

$90 Monthly

$240 Quarterly

$420 Biannually

$720 Annually


$50 Registration

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Sensei Tsutomu (Tommy) Miki



Cell: 678-480-9219

Tel: 770-552-8829

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